These are a few of the fun personal projects I’ve worked on. Some of my larger day to day projects I unfortunately can’t share here.

Ouch - hazard assessment tool screenshot


Code | Site

Built | Jun, 2015 – Dec, 2016

Ruby on Rails application deployed on Heroku. Ouch lets employees create, explore, edit and share the hazards they face at work.

BoWaTi - Boarder Wait Times screenshot


Code | Site

Built | Mar, 2016 – Mar, 2016

Ruby on Rails application deployed on Heroku consuming open data from the federal government of Canada. The application shows current boarder wait times and uses google maps API to display specific locations. This application is also listed in the federal governments open data apps gallery.

Meeting Timer - screenshot

Meeting Timer

Code | Site

Built | Aug 30, 2016 - Aug 30, 2016

Angular application letting users time an overall meeting and individual agenda items to help stay on track.

Should I start a startup? quiz - screenshot

Should I Start a Startup?

Code | Site

Built | Jan 1, 2017 - Jan 16, 2017

This is a very simple tool to help people decide if they are ready to start working on a new startup idea. This is a static site built with Jekyll.

Should I start a startup? quiz - screenshot

Trello JSON Beautifier

Code | Site

Built | May 25, 2017 - May 26, 2017

It's ugly and it has 1 purpose, to take the free trello board JSON export and make it a bit more human readable. For this project I used Angular.

myReads React app - screenshot


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Built | Aug 29, 2017 - Sept 4, 2017

Part of the React NanoDegree from Udacity. This is a frontend React app playing with some foundational aspects of React.